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  • Stunning Tulum Beach stretches for nearly 10 km along the Caribbean Coast of  Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Backed solely by dense vegetation and palms trees, the northern end resides within the  wild, empty Tulum National Park. width:640;;height:384
  • Resting on a rocky cliff at Tulum's far northern tip, Tulum's Mayan ruins are famous for their gorgeous location. width:637;;height:480
  • ...and look particularly impressive from sea. width:640;;height:213
  • Mid-beach is backed by low-key resorts with open-air restaurants, bars & balconies, affording amazing views and cooling breeezes. width:640;;height:388
  • Another perfect view from one of Tulum's many chilled out boutique hotels constructed almost exclusively of natural-materials: wood, thatch & stone. width:640;;height:331
  • Open air sitting spaces accented with vibrant interiors and wood finishings are standard at Tulum. width:640;;height:420
  • Many artistic seating arrangements and accents make each hotel unique and playful. width:640;;height:389
  • ...just sand, sea and sun at Tulum! width:640;;height:388
  • Back behind Tulum's forested sand dunes lies an untouched dense native forest of Tulum National Park, stretching north and south to the horizon. width:640;;height:388
  • Within the dunes and hotel grounds are more fantastic outdoor sitting areas. width:640;;height:387
  • Most of Tulum's hotels feature unique, artisitic architecture, creating a rather bohemian atmosphere along the entire coast. width:640;;height:388
  • Close-up of a truly unique architectural feature of one large Tulum hotel. width:640;;height:388
  • ...and equally unique entryway to the forested boutique hotel. width:640;;height:388
  • ...with beach cabanas resting above the treeline, overlooking the aquamarine sea. width:640;;height:389
  • ...unusually-designed pavillians are perched all along the coast. width:640;;height:388
  • ...some balanced on rock outcroppings. Others on sand or clifftops. width:640;;height:355
  • Frequent live bands playing alternaative music as well as dj-ed events on the beach make Tulum a chiled party area, without going overboard. width:640;;height:412
  • Mexican flag flies proudly over the gorgeous coast. width:640;;height:412
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