Stunning Mt Bromo Volcano - Java, Indonesia

Mt Bromo is one of Java's primary tourist attractions, both for domestic and international travelers. There's good reason: Bromo is quite stunning and surreal.

Sunrises and sunsets from the outer crater rim are spectacular as volcanic peaks & crater wall glow red and dense fog fills the vast basin. After the fog lifts, visitors often trek down into the massive outer crater, across the hot dusty sandbottom to reach Bromo's inner peak, the central crater often hissing up billowing clouds of steam.
Mt Bromo 1  Mt Bromo puffs out a light plume and Mt Batok glows deep red at early sunrise while Bromo's vast outer crater is hidden in dense fog, giving the impression of floating volcanic peaks. Mt Bromo 2  Bromo's outer crater rim also glows red in the morning sun. Mt Bromo 3  Bromo's Hindu Temple, Pura Dalem, is slowly revealed on the crater floor as the morning's thick fog begins to clear. Mt Bromo 4  As sunrise unfolds, the thick fog slowly recedes and Mt Batok turns a glowing golden brown color.
Mt Bromo 5  By mid morning the fog has completely evaporated, revealing the vast crater floor, covered in gray sand that bakes like a desert in the midday sun. Mt Bromo 6  Pura Dalem is left completely exposed on the sandy crater floor. Mt Bromo 7  Standing directly at the base of Mt Batok you will suddenly realize how deeply ridged the mountain's slopes are. Mt Bromo 8  A close-up reveals how extremely sharp the mountain's ridges are.
Mt Bromo 9  Near the base of Mt Bromo and Mt Batok the vast crater floor is often split by deep, wide crevases with tall sand banks. Some sections of the lower mountain slopes support scrubby vegetation, adding a splash of color to an otherwise gray world. Mt Bromo 10  Some areas of the outer crater, closer to Mt Semeru and further from Bromo's inner cone are surprisingly green, splashed with all sorts of unusual plants and grasses. Mt Bromo 11  A laborer crosses Bromo's desloate crater with a full load of some local crop. Mt Bromo 12  Sometimes Bromo's inner crater pit lies rather still and quiet...
Mt Bromo 13  At other times, it puffs out thick white clouds from deep below the Earth. Mt Bromo 14  Some mornings both Bromo and neighboring Mt Semeru (in the distance) blow out thick toxic fumes while Bromo's crater still lies blanketed in heavy fog. Mt Bromo 15  On clear sunny days you can see all the way across Bromo's outer crater to neighboring Mt Semeru, Java's highest peak at 3676 M. Mt Bromo 16  A deep red sunset at full moon leaves a final dramatic ending to the day.