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  • A European traveler gets  prepped for a ride in one of Malacca's over-the-top ultra-decore rickshaws. width:350;;height:480
  • Malacca's vibrant rickshaws gather at popular tourist spots around town to wait for customers. Notice that Malacca rickshaws have the seats attached beside the bicycle. width:630;;height:480
  • More of Malacca's decadent rickshaws lining up for customers. One is about to depart... width:640;;height:475
  • Further north in Penang, a rickshaw driver relaxes in his rig at Komtar shopping complex. Penang's rickshaws are much more sedate in decore than flashy Malacca's. width:360;;height:480
  • Another Penang rickshaw peddler poses with his rickshaw on Aceh Street, one of the town's most popular tourist regions. width:360;;height:480
  • A collection of rickshaws parked on an early Sunday morning in downtown Georgetown, Penang. Notice that seats are situated in front of the bicycle. width:382;;height:480
  • This must be Penang's fanciest rickshaw, easily outdoing its  colleagues, but not quite competetive enough for Malacca, I'm afraid. width:360;;height:480
  • Another of Penang's fancier rickshaws parked along a town street. width:640;;height:480
  • Another driver takes a break in his rig. width:350;;height:480
  • This driver takes advantage of his portable seat to get up close to a performance stage during a Sunday morning event in Georgtown. width:358;;height:480
  • Penang's rickshaws, with their pedal power behind the seats, are surprisingly long from front to back, taking up nearly as much parking space as a small car. width:640;;height:475
  • <br />Another sleek, simply decorated Penang rickshaw parked outside a small restaurant while the owner eats a meal. width:344;;height:480
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