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  • Palm-lined Playa Sardinera near Dorado offers long beach walks with gorgeous views. width:637;;height:480
  • This tiny offshore island at Vega Baja Beach sits amid very turbulent waters. width:637;;height:480
  • Guajataca Beach under dramatic stormy skies. width:634;;height:480
  • Guajataca Tunnel leads to a walking trail hugging the rocky coast. width:632;;height:480
  • Waves crash against low rock shelves at Parque del Norte, throwing sea spray high into the air. width:640;;height:461
  • Softer waves simply flow over the rocks, creating another beautiful affect. width:640;;height:400
  • A fisherman's  lean-to at Parque del Norte beach. width:637;;height:480
  • Rincon Beach on Puerto Rico's west coast has an unusual, semi-hidden surprise... width:603;;height:480
  • What must be the world's shortest-lived nuclear power plant sits quietly in dense jungle on Rincon Beach. After its construction was completed, it was turned on for a mere 1 hour before being shut down, deemed unsafe. width:635;;height:480
  • Mar Chiquita - Little Sea - is a gorgeous aquamarine pool of sea water separated from the Atlantic by a large rock outcropping. width:635;;height:480
  • From the moon-like rocks you can clearly view both the deep blue Atlantic and turquoise Mar Chiquita. width:640;;height:366
  • Many low-tide pools are isolated in the jagged rock outcroppings. width:635;;height:480
  • Punta Salinas, just west of San Juan, offers a pretty crescent-shaped beach lined by dense palms and casuarina pines. width:634;;height:480
  • A small island lies just offshore at the very tip of Punta Salinas peninsula. width:636;;height:480
  • Crystal clear water surrounds Punta Salinas. width:632;;height:480
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