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  • Just a short boat ride from town brings visitors to large flocks of vibrantly pink flamingos. width:640;;height:264
  • Rio Lagartos village oozes an 'end of the world' feeling, particularly at dawn and dusk along the pier road. width:636;;height:480
  • Boats tours of nearby mangrove rivers, flamingos and other sights all start here at the town's quaint fishing boat harbor. width:636;;height:480
  • A zoom lens is requried for close-up shots of flamingos, as the boatmen keep their distance from the flocks so as to not disturb them. width:636;;height:480
  • Trio of flamingos grooming themselves at sunset. width:636;;height:480
  • Taking flight... width:636;;height:480
  • Crocodiles live in these mangrove rivers and are regularly spotted during tours. width:640;;height:370
  • A long, leisurely ride through mangrove rivers brings visitors to canals of pink water at a salt processing plant. width:637;;height:480
  • The amazing,  naturally-pink water is created by microorganisms. However, the water color changes from day to day, due to salt-making processes at the nearby plant. width:637;;height:480
  • Water in the canals is ultra-saline, creating dense foam that flies up into the air, where it's tossed around by wind and accumulated in piles along shore. width:637;;height:480
  • Tour guests can also opt for a clay bath applied by a very-willing boatman. Good fun for all... width:636;;height:480
  • ...all enjoyed under Mexico's gorgeous blue skies. width:635;;height:480
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