Hobbiton - Home of the Hobbits

Hobbiton, now a permanent film set, is situated in Waikato District in central North Island, New Zealand.

A total of 40 hobbit holes, vegetable gardens, a small lake, The Mill and The Green Dragon Inn are well-maintained by a full time staff in order to present an authentic experience to the hundreds of thousands of excited visitors who head into New Zealand's lovely rolling countryside to experience the Hobbits' homeland.

Please enjoy these 36 shots of Hobbiton from my recent visit.
Hobbiton 1  Hobbiton's location in the rolling countryside of Waikato District -  central North Island near Matamata town. Hobbiton 2  Welcome sign at the entrance to Hobbiton permanent film set. Hobbiton 3  Bucolic setting of The Shire, home town of Bilbo Baggins. Hobbiton 4  40 permanent hobbit holes are situated around Hobbiton, all set into the hillsides, all with brightly colored doors and quaint exterior decore.
Hobbiton 5  Tudor and stone style hobbit hole. Hobbiton 6  Less common brick hobbit hole. Hobbiton 7  A lovely yellow wooden hobbit hole with stone walkway. Hobbiton 8  ...and herbs drying outside the door.
Hobbiton 9  ...and a charming curved window. Hobbiton 10  Hobbit hole set at the crossroads. Hobbiton 11  Hobbits' picnic lunch set out on a sunny afternoon. Hobbiton 12  Hobbit hole chimney and window peaking out of a hillside.
Hobbiton 13  Famous Bag's End, home of Bilbo Baggins. Hobbiton 14  Sign tacked up on Bilbo's gate during preparations for his big birthday party. Hobbiton 15  Here I am visiting Bag's End! Hobbiton 16  This famous tree sits on top of Bag's End. It's one of the few trees in Hobbiton that is entirely artificial, though you'd never know to look at it, even up close.
Hobbiton 17  Another crossroads with sign giving destinations within Hobbiton. Hobbiton 18  Gorgeous view across Hobbiton and the lake to famous Green Dragon Inn, on the further shore. Hobbiton 19  The Mill and bridge leading to Green Dragon Inn. Hobbiton 20  Close up of the mill and beautiful lake & trees.
Hobbiton 21  Lakeside boat dock beside the mill. Hobbiton 22  Bridge to Green Dragon Inn. Hobbiton 23  Approach to Green Dragon Inn from the bridge. Hobbiton 24  Green Dragon Inn.
Hobbiton 25  Main hall of Green Dragon Inn. Hobbiton 26  Green Dragon Inn trademark carved above the serving bar. Hobbiton 27  Herbs and flowers drying above the serving area. Hobbiton 28  The main bar.
Hobbiton 29  ...and the main hall's stately  fireplace. Hobbiton 30  View of the mill from inside Green Dragon Inn. Hobbiton 31  Keg of South Farthing's fine ale just outside the inn. Hobbiton 32  Another charming brick hobbit hole.
Hobbiton 33  Cute blue-door hobbit hole. Hobbiton 34  Hobbit-size veggies freshly hauled in on a wheelbarrow. Hobbiton 35  Beautiful flower garden in bloom at this hobbit hole. Hobbiton 36  ...and at this hobbit hole, especially inviting without a fence.