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  • Amazingly, these vertical stone cliffs are filled with dwellings cut into the stone by Anasazi Indians between the years 600-1300 AD. width:640;;height:354
  • Mesa Verde is now a popular tourist attraction. Viewing the ancient cliff town with tourists wandering through gives an idea what the place looked like while inhabited long ago and affords  perspective on the size of the dwellings. width:640;;height:403
  • View from inside the stone town. width:640;;height:396
  • Another view of the cliff dwellings. width:640;;height:423
  • Close up of one stone house. width:326;;height:480
  • Inside a communal area. width:312;;height:480
  • Strange as it is, a huge mound of sand dunes rests between the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and the broad flat plains of the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado width:640;;height:407
  • Here's a closer shot of the tall sand dunes. The sand was deposited by the Rio Grande River and its tributaries then whipped up into tall dunes by strong westerly winds blowing across the plains. width:640;;height:417
  • Standing in the middle of the vast expanse of dunes, you can literally see nothing by sand and sky. width:333;;height:480
  • These are the tallest sand dunes in North America, standing up to 750 ft above sea level. The dunes create beautiful visual forms. width:317;;height:480
  • However, the dunes are not solely sand. Patches of bright flowers and tufts of sturdy grasses speckle the dunes with color and texture. width:640;;height:414
  • From some distant angles you can barely see mountains rising behind the dunes. width:640;;height:394
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