Market Scenes in Myanmar

Myanmar's traditional open-air markets are very colorful, bustling chaotic affairs. On sale is everything from fresh fruits & vegetables to household goods to cooked meals.

Market sellers, delivery men and rickshaw taxis bustle about, trying to earn a daily living.

This gallery presents 18 Burmese market scenes...
Myanmar Market 1  Vegetable sellers organize their produce while awaiting early morning customers. Myanmar Market 2  Myanmar's unique luggage trunks, sturdy floor mats and traditional brooms add a distinctive touch to Burmese markets. Myanmar Market 3  Bananas by the bundle, anyone? Myanmar Market 4  A colorful street sweeper pauses in her duties to observe the bustling market around her.
Myanmar Market 5  Any kind of natural fiber hat you could ever want is on sale at this market stall. Myanmar Market 6  Goods are still often delivered by hand-pulled carts on the narrow roads of Myanmar's busy markets. Myanmar Market 7  Fresh vegetables from the Shan Plateau on sale at Mandalay morning market. Myanmar Market 8  A vendor prepares coconuts for sale.
Myanmar Market 9  Spice stall selling a variety of colorful and pungent chili powders. Myanmar Market 10  More vegetables on sale. Myanmar Market 11  A flower vendor arranges the day's freshly cut flowers. Myanmar Market 12  A woven baskets & mats vendor keeps herself busy while awaiting customers.
Myanmar Market 13  More giant bundles of nearly ripe bananas on sale. Myanmar Market 14  Trishaw drivers chat in the middle of Mandalay market while waiting for passengers. Myanmar Market 15  Radish sellers hanging out with piles of radishes. Myanmar Market 16  A vegetable vendor carries in fresh eggplants.
Myanmar Market 17  More colorful Burmese floor mats and trunks on sale. Myanmar Market 18  Hand delivery.