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  • Kyoto's spectacular New Year's Card game in full swing. width:598;;height:280
  • Participants and the public arriving... width:345;;height:480
  • One of the gorgeously attired card game participants preparing to play. width:341;;height:480
  • Card game particpants arriving at the pavillion. width:600;;height:431
  • Child participants arriving with their mentor. width:640;;height:364
  • Child participants arriving at the pavillion. width:600;;height:414
  • More game players filing along the festively decorated pavillion. width:600;;height:407
  • Card game getting under way while the public watches intently from outside. width:600;;height:408
  • People enraptured by the beautiful kimono and obscure ancient procedures. width:600;;height:435
  • Another view of the card game... width:640;;height:288
  • Close up of card game... width:506;;height:307
  • Viewing players from another angle. width:640;;height:385
  • Final view of the game, with brilliantly colored kimono and elaboratley decorated pavillion. width:493;;height:480
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