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  • Burning ghats at Pashupatinath Hindu Temple on the Bagmati River in eastern Kathmandu width:600;;height:424
  • Ghats at Pashupatinath Temple width:326;;height:480
  • Famous BoudhanathTibetan Stupa in eastern Kathmandu width:313;;height:480
  • The plaza surrounding Boudhanath Stupa is full of colorful shops selling stunning Tibetan art, cltohing, musical instruments and religious paraphenilia. width:640;;height:416
  • Vibrant and bold Tibetan artwork width:353;;height:480
  • Sadhu at a temple in central Kathmandu width:371;;height:480
  • Nepal's 'living Goddess' escorted through the streets by her entourage width:332;;height:480
  • Small, ornate temple in Patan, south Kathmandu width:312;;height:480
  • Temples in Durbar Spuare, Baktapur, a historic town in Kathmandu Valley, about 10 km from Kathmandu City width:640;;height:348
  • Temple in Baktapur width:640;;height:402
  • Nepali musicians practicing in someone's home width:600;;height:420
  • Temple in Baktapur width:312;;height:480
  • Temple in Baktapur width:600;;height:398
  • Temple in Baktapur width:600;;height:390
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