I Love Coconut Trees!

Coconut trees play a central role in my ideal paradise: tropical islands with calm, clear seas; long, sweeping beaches backed by palm trees; not a buliding in sight.

Spying a charming coconut tree anywhere always brings a bright smile to my face and ignites a warm sensation of freedom, joy and hope.

Simply put, I love coconut trees!

This photo gallery presents 20 images of cocout trees in a variety of settings. I hope they bring a smile to your face too.
Coconuts 1  While napping one tropical afternoon on Koh Ngai island in Thailand, I woke up to this wonderful view... Coconuts 2  These palms grace the famous Marina Bay Sands rooftop infinity pool on the 58th flloor, the world's highest infinity pool to date. Coconuts 3  Water buffalo graze near a coconut plantation on Lombok Island, Indonesia. Coconuts 4  A thick stand of coconut palms backs pearly white Cenang Beach on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.
Coconuts 5  Stately coconut palms line the Municipal Marina in St Petersburg, Florida. Coconuts 6  Coconut trees make wonderful landscaping plants in tropical gardens like this one on Koh Bulon island, Thailand. Coconuts 7  Wild coconut trees brace against strong monsoonal winds on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka. Coconuts 8  Coconut trees add a charming touch to the handsome colonial buildings and lighthouse in Galle, Sri Lanka.
Coconuts 9  This coconut tree has been splashed with cheery, vibrant colors from wild bougainvillea flowers Coconuts 10  A picture perfect beach paradise at Koh Bulon, Thailand. Coconuts 11  A sole coconut tree peaks in the Chihyly Collection Mseum in St Petersburg, Florida. Coconuts 12  More coconut trees tossed by wind along Sri Lanka's coast.
Coconuts 13  Coconut trees are often featured in tropical resorts. These line the tranquil pool of Casa del Mar Boutique Resort on Langkawi Island, Malaysia. Coconuts 14  A small coconut plantation up close. Coconuts 15  Beautiful coconut tree reaches for the sky in Thailand. Coconuts 16  These palms decorate a resort on Langkawi and give much needed shade in midday.
Coconuts 17  A lush tropical resort accented with coconut trees on Koh Mook Ilsand, Thailand. Coconuts 18  Many coconut plantations like this one fill small bays along the western coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Coconuts 19  A picture-perfect tropical island resort. Coconuts 20  You never know where a stray coconut might land...