Halloween Extraordinaire in St Petersburg, Florida

For some inexplicable reason, the residents of St Petersburg, Florida celebrate Halloween with a special vervor. Particularly in the wealthy Northeast District home owners deck out their houses & properties with elaborate Halloween displays. People flock there from all over the city to marvel at the displays, admire each others' costumes and enjoy shows put on by circus groups and residents.
This photo gallery presents 30 shots of St Pete's phenomenal Halloween celebrations.
Halloween St Pete 1  Residents of St Pete's Northeast District transform their homes into elaborate Halloween 'haunted houses'. Halloween St Pete 2  This realistic 3D ghost mummy looks trapped inside the attic. Halloween St Pete 3  Another home is besieged by ghosts, giant spiders and glowing skulls. Halloween St Pete 4  ...while this property is haunted by life-size cloaked skeletons.
Halloween St Pete 5  Nearby someone has set up an elaborate cemetary in their yard. Halloween St Pete 6  ...complete with informative, amusing tombstones, random skulls and body parts. Halloween St Pete 7  Another property is visited by illuminated ghosts. Halloween St Pete 8  This morbid butler awaits visitors on Halloween night.
Halloween St Pete 9  A pumpkin-head ghost floats above ground at this corner home. Halloween St Pete 10  Stack of elaborately-carved Jack-O-Lanterns. Halloween St Pete 11  A glowing giant spider climbs onto someone's roof. Halloween St Pete 12  This lovely witch helps be-head visitors passing through the neighborhood.
Halloween St Pete 13  ...like this young girl who seems awfully happy to be decapitated. Halloween St Pete 14  ...while another excited girl gets the electric chair. Halloween St Pete 15  A giant cat with glowing orange eyes prowls the neighborhood. Halloween St Pete 16  This glowing ghost looks terrifed to be here.
Halloween St Pete 17  Many creative and intricately-carved Jack-O-Lanterns are displayed in the neighborhood. Halloween St Pete 18  Hundreds of people turn out to get Halloween treats and admire the festive displays. Halloween St Pete 19  Not surprisingly, lots of amazingly costumed visitors wander the neighborhood on Halloween night. Halloween St Pete 20  This strikingly demonic clown joined the festivities.
Halloween St Pete 21  This group wheeled around a cart for collecting the dead, a la Monty Python, complete with an original soundtrack, clanging bells and cries to 'Bring out your dead" Halloween St Pete 22  ...they've already collected some bones and corpses. Halloween St Pete 23  Another elaborately decorated Northeast home. Halloween St Pete 24  In addition to all the elaborate house displays, a circus troupe performs disappearing acts and other magic tricks.
Halloween St Pete 25  ...as well as fire spinning performances. Halloween St Pete 26  A glowing ghost dances around inside a large glass bubble while confetti flies around him. Halloween St Pete 27  More elaborately carved pumpkins decorate another lawn. Halloween St Pete 28  A giant spider web has caught all sorts of goulish critters.
Halloween St Pete 29  ...while these shrunken skulls glow nearby. Halloween St Pete 30  ...and this evil looking ghost emerges from underground.