Colonial Architeture of Penang, Malaysia

Colonial Penang 1  A gorgeous seaside colonial mansion beside on the edge of Georgetown, Penang slowly falls into disrepair Colonial Penang 2  Colonial Chinese row shophouses with streets gaily decorated for Chinese New Year in February. Colonial Penang 3  The grand British Customs House Building and its famous Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, stand prouldy near the harbor on the edge of Georgetown's main colonial district. Colonial Penang 4  The Penang Buddhist Association resides in this massive quirky colonial mansion.
Colonial Penang 5  Another unusual  colonial ediface now houses the Chinese Yap Temple. Colonial Penang 6  Beautifully restored colonial shophouse stands proudly on a Georgetown street corner, currently housing a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Colonial Penang 7  Lavendar mansion. Colonial Penang 8  St. George's Anglican Church, the oldest in SE Asia, rests peacefully in a plot of lush grass in the heart of Penang's colonial district.
Colonial Penang 9  Penang's famous Armenian Street where two brothers from Armenia made a vast fortune during the trading route heyday. Colonial Penang 10  A palatial colonial mansion nows serves as Wawasan Open University. Colonial Penang 11  Another unique blend of colonial Britsh and Chinese architectures was used to creat the Teoh Kong Si Clan House. Colonial Penang 12  The White Away Arcade building was painstakingly renovated to its former glory,in part with a grant from the UNESCO foundation.
Colonial Penang 13  Some of Georgetown's charming colonial Chinese row houses are crumbling to ruin. Colonial Penang 14  Others have been renovated and made into various businesses, like this vibrant Chinese restaurant. Colonial Penang 15  A lovingly preserved private home in Georgetown's colonial district. Colonial Penang 15a  Other Peranakan shophouses have been restored to their former elegance.
Colonial Penang 16  Armenian Street during Chinese New Year. Colonial Penang 17  Another grandiose mansion beside the sea has been restored, though the property is not completely maintained. Colonial Penang 18  This grand building, which had long been falling to ruin, was later finally restored and made into a classy boutique hotel on Chulia Street. Colonial Penang 19  Another gorgeous colonial building on Chulia Street that was restored and turned into a charming boutique hotel.
Colonial Penang 20  The well-preserved British colonial Supreme Court building. Colonial Penang 21  This beautiful colonial house was initially the home of a wealthy Sumatran merchant. Later it held the Islamic Museum for many years, but currently stands empty. Colonial Penang 22  'Bangkok Lane' an unusual road full of boxy colonial houses lies on the outskirts of Georgetown near the famous Thai Temple, Wat Chayamangkalaram, and the Dhammikarama Burmese Temple. Colonial Penang 23  Entryway to one of those colonial houses.
Colonial Penang 24  This unusually designed colonial building has been turned into a spa. Colonial Penang 25  A private home in Georgetown that has been carefully restored and maintained. Colonial Penang 26  Another Peranakan rowhouse that has been beautifully renovated. Colonial Penang 28  This long building full of shophouses runs an entire block in central Georgetown.