I absolutely love cats.

Here's an assortment of photos of lovely cats I've met during my travels. Hope you love them too...
Cats 1  Adorable blue-eyed tabby kitten, one of four nearly identical quadruplets I took care of in Thailand one year. Cats 2  Gorgeous golden-eyed cat I met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cats 3  Handsome 'lion' cat I took care of in Singapore. Cats 4  Sukoshi, one of my all-time favorite cats in Japan. He loved sitting on my back while I washed my face in the evenings.
Cats 5  Sleek black cat relaxing in Penang. Cats 6  A cutie I visited daily on Koh Bulon Island, Thailand. Cats 7  Crazily marked calico I met at Kuala Lumpur's Muzium Negara. Cats 8  Kittenly was another of my all-time favorite cats, which I  had in Thailand for two years. Apparently with a face 'only a mother could love' as everyone referred to her as Lash's ugly cat. Poor kittenly with her big ears, stubbed tail and continually runny eye, had great personality and accompanied me everywhere I went.
Cats 9  Handsome Mr. Toes I met at Koh Bulon. I've never met a cat before or since with so many toes! 7 on each front paw and 6 on each back paw. Cats 10  Mr. Toes' front paws... almost like he had 2 extra feet! Cats 11  Mr. Toes' back paws Cats 12  Banshii, my Thailand cat who's kitten nearly was eaten by a python, takes a well-deserved nap on the bed after feeding four perky babies.
Cats 13  Three of four nearly-identical kittens on my front porch in Thailand. Cats 14  Two of the four tabbies wide-eyed at something frightening... Cats 15  One of the four carmel babies rests quietly on the porch. Cats 16  Cat fight in a Penang alley!
Cats 17  Gorgeous cat I took care of in Singapore for one week. Cats 18  Two more of the Singapore cats that I fed and cleaned up after for a week. Cats 19  Speckled calico naps midday in Melaka, Malaysia. Cats 20  Charlie Daniels, a neighbor cat near my mother's house in Florida. Charlie loves to roll on his back, looking coyly at people to come pet his belly. But it's a trap. When a kindly hand slips in to pat, SWACK!, Charlie nails them a hard one with his sharp claws. Naughty kitty. I loved him all the same, and foiled him by always putting on a thick leather gardening glove before petting.