Boudhanath Tibetan Stupa - Kathmandu, Nepal

Majestic Boudhanath Stupa is one of Kathmandu's most famous and intriquing temples. Standing 36 M tall, it's one of the world's highest stupas and the tallest in Nepal. It achieved UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1979.

Exotic Tibetan eyes watch over the peaceful circular plaza, colorful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, while daily Tibetan life buzzes quietly around the enclave.

Please enjoy these 18 photos of Boudhanath Stupa from my 2013 visit.
Boudhanath Stupa 1  Boudhanath's central stupa rises imposingly over the plaza, surrounded by thousands of vibrant Tibetan prayer flags. Boudhanath Stupa 2  The gilded tower shelters the ever-vigilant Tibetan eyes watching over the plaza. Boudhanath Stupa 3  Boudhanath's handsome and orderly plaza, viewed from a restaurant balcony. Boudhanath Stupa 4  The other side of the circular plaza with the massive base of Boudhanath Stupa in the center.
Boudhanath Stupa 5  Boudhanath plaza at street level is always peacefully bursting with life and calm activity. Boudhanath Stupa 6  One of the gorgeous, geometrically-designed Tibetan buildings lining the immaculate  plaza. Boudhanath Stupa 7  Magnificent, elaborately-carved and vibrantly-colored Jamchan Gompa is the main temple hall at Boudhanath. Boudhanath Stupa 8  Close up view of the dramatic wall paintings and elaborate carvings found throughout Jamchan Gompa.
Boudhanath Stupa 9  This massive prayer wheel is housed within the Gompa. All visitors are welcome to spin the wheel, walking clockwise, and chant Tibetan Buddhist mantras. Boudhanath Stupa 10  An intricately-carved and painted Tibetan screen. Boudhanath Stupa 11  Boudhanath plaza is lined wall-to-wall by handsome, colorful Tibetan buildings, all beautifully maintained. Boudhanath Stupa 12  The gorgeous buildings are made of brick with intricately-carved wood detailing.
Boudhanath Stupa 13  Many shops lining the plaza sell handmade Tibetan Tanka & Mandala paintings. Boudhanath Stupa 14  A young Tibetan mandala artist at work in one of the upstairs studios at Boudhanath. Boudhanath Stupa 15  Dramatic Tibetan carved wood masks are also on sale at Boudhanath. Boudhanath Stupa 16  An elaborate door and windows trimmed with brass fixtures.
Boudhanath Stupa 17  Double eyes watching over the plaza. Boudhanath Stupa 18  Close up of fluttering prayer flags.