Beautiful Lombok - Indonesia

Mountainous Lombok island lies just east of Bali. It's a much more laid-back, quieter sister island. Lombok's topography varies tremendously, including lush mountainous forests with plunging waterfalls, scenic coastlines of headlands interspersed with sweeping bays, empty beaches, flat rice fields and dry scrubby hills, all looked over by volcanic Mt Rinjani. Lombok is inhabited mainly by the Sasak people, but with a good smattering of Balinese mixed in. Several rural Sasak villages still practice traditional handicrafts: weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, dance and unique architecture. Beautiful mosques peak out of the lush flora. A few Balinese temples also make their home on Lombok. But, in my opinion, Lombok is most impressive for its stunning scenery. Please enjoy these views from my recent travels around Lombok. cheers, Lash